Evening Doorways

After a 90 degree day, a brief walk around the neighborhood after the sun goes down is refreshing. The many carefully composed doorway scenes pull our eyes away from watching for cars and mopeds and delight our senses.



Next post about our Kyoto trip >>> The Last Shogun

5 thoughts on “Evening Doorways

  1. This is great. I like your blog and I like this post with all the different doorways. Great job capturing the night scenes.

    Can you add a button to follow your blog?


  2. Hey Chug Chug 😀 Good to hear from you. I’m new to Word Press blogging, but I think that in the very bottom right hand corner of each page there is a “Follow” button. My dad and my cousin are also following and receiving new post notifications, so it should work for you. Let me know, and keep on chugging…


  3. I found it. Funny, the “Follow” button doesn’t always show. It disappears when I scroll down and reappears when I scroll up.


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  5. Barry, I am really enjoying your wonderful blog on Kyoto. Everything is so beautiful. I think the Emperor’s Gardens are so lovely. Can’t wait to go! I’m still diving into the blog.


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