Dimosari Gorge: Plane Trees and Waterfalls

The most scenic hike on the island of Evia is from Petrokanalo Pass on Mt Ochi down through the Dimosari Gorge to Kallianu Beach. Our tour bus took us on the long drive up to the pass using the rough dirt roads constructed for the wind turbine farm. At the start of the trail our guide Stefanos took a group photo; Mt Ochi is behind him. The weather was perfect.

The trail is very old, likely dating back a few thousand years, and connects the the north shore of Evia to the Karystos area. It follows a stream which then turns into a small river, carved out of the rock and surrounded by thick vegetation featuring huge plane trees, which in North America would be called sycamores (genus Platanus).

To me the real beauty of the gorge is how the rocks and trees interact to create visually complex scenes, weathered by time.

Most of the trail is quite rough, with some sections retaining their ancient cobblestones. This is the smoothest section, and the most photographed according to Stefanos.

Our lunch spot could not have been nicer.

One thought on “Dimosari Gorge: Plane Trees and Waterfalls

  1. Great shots, as always. It is interesting seeing such ancient structures, even as simple as a stone path. How many feet have walked on those stones? ]

    Looks to be a great trip.


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