Great Bear Rainforest: Tracks on the Beach

Not bear tracks; this was Wolf Track Beach, and it deserves its name. There were tracks everywhere on the clean white sand.

The crew said that the tracks were always there but they had never seen the wolves. The coastal wolves of British Columbia, commonly known as “sea wolves”, are a genetically distinct population from those that live inland.

Early one foggy morning we took one of the boats tenders out for a hopefully stealthy cruise past Wolf Track Beach in hopes of a sighting. Our guide cut the motor and we drifted quietly 30m offshore, waiting.

Suddenly the guide pointed and whispered “wolf”.

Our guide was as excited as we were! It was his first time seeing a coastal wolf. Quickly we realized there were three wolves. They soon noticed us and loped off. We waited in case their were more in the area. And then the howling started, a chorus of many voices, likely due to the three rejoining their pack and communicating that there was a potential danger nearby, by which I mean us humans. It was thrilling to listen to.

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