Evening Scenes

Our last evening in Kyoto we went for a walk after dinner, as we often do. This is our twentieth straight day in our Kyoto Machiya. The evenings are remarkably quiet in our neighborhood given the density of the buildings and our proximity to a main street, Higashiyama-dori. The air is cool and refreshing. We see only a few people. The fish smell emanating from a small restaurant just up the street is noticeable as always when we walk by, but it’s not objectionable. If it wasn’t there I would wonder what happened to the place. Walking by the Yasaka Shrine area I can sense the temple buildings but can’t see them: it is unlit at night and no one goes there. Despite the darkness and deserted streets we have no concerns: Japan is a safe, civilized place.

We have had a wonderful experience. For now, life is good.






(All photos shown in this blog of our Kyoto trip were shot with an iPhone 6 and not modified in any way)

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