When You Live in Kyoto, Parking at Home Can be a Challenge

Living space in Japan is limited. With only about 23% of the total land area suitable for buildings and agriculture (the rest is too steep and mountainous) that means the population of almost 127 million people is restricted to an area less than the size of the state of Maine. I had to triple check that calculation to make sure I did it correctly as the result was so surprising!

Most city dwellers live in small apartments and don’t own a car, of course. Those who can afford a ground level semi-detached house often have no place to park a car, or maybe they have a very small space. I’ve seen some interesting parking solutions in Kyoto.


Sometimes the vehicle doesn’t fit.



But even a Mercedes can be made to fit in a small garage.


Or just park it outside if you have the space.


No matter how peculiar it looks…


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